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All our meals at the Secret Garden are home cooked on site from fresh produce by our own cook, Jenny Johnson. Jenny is fully qualified in all aspects of food hygiene and runs a very tight ship. Health and safety are very important and we are proud of the fact that our health and safety rating has consistently been level 5.

We aim to pack all of our meals and snacks with fresh fruit and vegetables and provide a varied set of menus which rotate on a 4 week basis.

We cater for all dietary and health needs for each child individually and will always accommodate specific requests where possible.

Our mealtimes are sociable and interactive times where the children can learn to serve and feed themselves, share and help other children, learn about healthy eating and most importantly enjoy their food!

Outdoor Play

At the rear of the nursery we have a purpose built private garden area where the children can play, exercise and explore their natural habitat. There is a separate designated play area for the babies, a rubber matted area for general play, a sheltered artificial grass area and a woodland area with a bark base and a willow tunnel.

A large proportion of the day is spent in and around the garden engaging in a variety of activities including sand and water play, bikes and trikes, mark making and painting, planting and exploring. If the weather is nice, we get our hats and suncream on, take our activities outside and make the most of it. At certain parts of the day we operate a free flow system so that the children can exercise a choice of where to play.