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This is the room from which your children are prepared to fly the nest and move on to school life. In addition to all the creative and imaginative play activities, there is a big emphasis on knowledge and understanding of the world around us and beyond the remit of our daily lives. We learn about other countries and cultures, their weather and food, and even have food tasting sessions.

Our pre-school group go on regular outings, for example trips to supermarkets, the library or the local park to get direct experience of the outside world. We often have visitors to the nursery from local services, such as fire, ambulance, guide dogs, police officers and other people who help us, and the children absolutely love getting hands on experience in this way. We also work on fine motor skills, preparing for the independence of school life like buttoning coats, fastening shoes, etc. All meals are self-service with the support of our experienced staff and we promote and teach healthy eating and living habits. Our extra-curricular activities include weekly French and tennis lessons and an annual Christmas carol concert where the children demonstrate their singing, signing and French skills to their Mums and Dads!